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If you are looking for help with your marketing, business or mentoring then Emmie is the one to go to. I had worked with several people before Emmie and they all proved to be very costly and keen to throw our funds into very leaky buckets. A big thanks to Emmie for all her help, understanding that startups are not made of money but pushing me to put funds where they are most useful. The savings she has brought to the business have already covered her costs – she is BRILLIANT

Suzann Bozorgi


I chose Emmie to help me with my business because of her previous track record and her expertise with helping start-up businesses. Her skills and knowledge of the e-commerce and digital arena were invaluable, and it ensured that I covered my set up costs within six weeks of launch. Emmie is a trusted partner, and I would recommend her to anyone that wishes to launch a business. I have saved time and money by working with her, plus we have had a lot of fun!

Jane Dyson